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Once a person is keyed into this path to personal transformation, he or she begins to see dreams being achieved, peace surrounds and influences the person’s conduct, fear goes away and thoughts, words and actions become positive. Wealth manifests in the lives of those who reach this state.
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Membership of World Ventures “Dream Trips Life” VIP Travel Club is one thing I want all my friends and associates to come join me so that together we can have much fun and money.

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All who are in paid employment should necessarily prepare themselves for life in retirement which must include becoming an entrepreneur.

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Francis Nmeribe is the National President/Chairman of Council of The Association of Self-Publishing Authors (ASPA)
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Every young African should take a personal responsibility to find his or her purpose in life, envision greatness, work the work required to achieve one’s purpose and greatness in life and never ever spend a second thinking about any entitlement as a result of their birth, circumstance, family and country
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An independent mindset which starts with a decision to take care of oneself as soon as one turns into this great stage of life known as the ‘young adult years’ is the nucleus of the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship.

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The young lady noted that she watched her husband and discovered that he was always finding a lot of time and agreement with people who discourage themselves. Her words: “my husband is often seen in company of ‘self-discouragers’”. What makes the situation a big challenge for this young lady is that her husband is a highly qualified man academically, holding a Master’s degree and some years of business experience in a passion of his life – photography.

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Happy New Year 2015

My wish and prayer for you in 2015 is that God will strengthen you in all your endeavors, bless you with big dreams that would enable you to have more fun, fulfillment and financial freedom and with undying motivation and passion to pursue your dreams this year and... read more